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Marysia, written by Michelle  


Marysia Lewis, by Michelle Babat, sister

Marysia Lewis, nee Brady, my one sibling, was born on 8th October 1975.  Whilst my mother was having a Caesarean Section, I was in the hospital with my father waiting in the cafe.  Actually I had an appointment at the adjoining Sick Childrens Hospital to have my blood checked as I had only been out of hospital myself for a few weeks with a blood disorder. 

My mum had previously  lost a few babies, so I was really excited to be having a new brother or sister that day.  I was delighted to hear I had a baby sister and couldnt wait to get her home.

Since Marysia was only a few months old, due to domestic violence, my mother and father split, and we moved to a new house on our own.

Being a mother myself, I can only imagine how hard this must have been, both emotionally and financially.  My father never gave my mother any money for our upbringing, nor did he ever visit or see us.

Having a new baby was great fun, I loved helping mum bath her, dress and play with her and do all the things that needed to be done. I had waited for six years to have a brother or sister, and now I had one, a gorgeous baby sister.   Soon mum had to go to work and relatives watched us at night when mum was at work.  Mum saved her money carefully, and when Marysia was two, we went to Spain for our first family holiday abroad together.  Marysia had very pale skin and we were worried about the sun, but she was fine.  She was also a very choosy eater, and we thought she wouldnt like the food - she loved it.  We  played every day in the swimming pool, she loved swimming.  

For Marysias fourth birthday, she got a lovely rocking horse, which she adored, that horse is now in my daughters bedroom, still in perfect condition, 25 years old.

When we were off school for the holidays, mum used to take us day trips to the beach or to swimming baths further away from home, or to nice parks with boating ponds and fishing areas.

The next time we went to Spain, Marysia was six, we went camping in Estartit, and hired bikes. We got a tandem as Marysia was too young to go  on the road herself, so she was behind me, I wondered how my legs were so sore after a day out cycling - she hadnt pedalled the whole way - I had!

 Although there was six years between us, for her younger years I think I was like a miniture mum to her, always doing things for her and playing with her.  I remember her first day at school, mum had knitted her a small grey skirt and jumper as Marysia was such a skinny wee thing, nothing in the shops fitted her for starting school.  I was at the same school for her first year there, then I moved to high school.  I walked her up and down to school every day, and was always checking on her at the interval and lunch times that she was alright.  We started a gymnastic club soon after, and both of us were always out in our back garden practicing our routines.  I remember when she got her first pair of roller boots, they were yellow with a black stripe on them, mine were yellow too, she loved having the same things as me. We used to play for hours on our roller boots, shouting to mum to come and see us going backwards or faster or whatever the new trick was we had learned.   Mum was a great knitter and we always had matching jumpers in lots of different colours which we wore together. 

When I started the high school, mum had a day job then, and Marysia went to a neighbours house after school until I finished and came to pick her up, we then went home and started on the housework before mum came home.  Marysia's jobs were to roll up the hoover cable and dry the dishes, it still makes me laugh now when I think back to then, as she would leave her chores till mum arrived in the car, then she would run and do them before mum got in!

We were in lots of clubs together, Irish dancing, Gymnastics, swimming, youth clubs and Marysia loved being in the school netball team, and she always got medals for her sports.

Marysia was a huge Madonna fan, we both were, and when Madonna had a concert at Wembley, I got two tickets as a surprise.  I told Marysia who was still at school at the time, that we were going to see Scotland play football at Wembley, all the boys in her class thought she was mad, as they knew there was no football match at all.  We got the coach with all the other people going to the concert, she kept saying there was lots of people on the bus dressed as Madonna, when we reached Wembley, I told her why we were really there - the surprise on her face was amazing, she couldnt believe it! We had a fantastic time there, and mum still has our tickets and souvineers that we bought.

In 1990, I took Marysia on holiday by ourselves to Turkey.  I had been before, but it was here first time there.  She fell in love with the place, just like I had.  She loved belly dancing, and every night we went to the same bar so she could get up and dance with the resident belly dancer.

In 1992, I decided to go and work for the summer in Turkey before I got married (to a Turk) in the October.  Marysia came over with me for the first month, she was really upset to be going back to Scotland when I was staying for the rest of the summer.  She came back with my mum for my wedding in October, where she was my bridesmaid, which we had promised each other when we were younger, that we would both be each others chief bridesmaid, no matter what.

I came home in Dec 92 from Turkey and had a small flat where I lived with my new husband.  Marysia was over staying with me every weekend.

As we got older, we were best friends and done everything together, cinema, taking the dogs out, learning her to drive, her coming to work with me (I was self employed at the time), going dancing together etc.

In 1993, Marysia left school and went to college in Aberdeen.  In 1995, Marysia decided with her friend to move to London, they both applied for jobs which they got and moved down to London where they shared a flat together.  Marysia then met Daniel, whom she married in Sept 97.  She joined a recruitment agency in 1996, and in a very short space of time was made manager, infact, I think she was one of the youngest ever in the company to make manager by the age of 22.

Marysia was very competitive from a very early age, winning lots of medals and trophies at school for sporting achievements.  

She was also top sales in her previous job and her years in recruitment had also been highly successful, she was very highly regarded within the organisation and always a top achiever.

The day after Marysia got married, I moved with my husband and son, age 4 down to London to start work as a trainee with the same company that Marysia worked for.  We all lived in the same house for the first six months of me being there.  Even when we moved to our own flat, we took turns every night having dinner in each others houses and at weekends.

She bought me tickets to go and see Robbie Williams in London Arena, although she didnt like his music, she came with me and we had a great night, we could hardly speak the next day.

Marysia was then promoted to regional Manager of the Thames Valley Office and she then moved to Reading.   

In 2000, Marysia and Daniel split up then decided to go for councelling to see if they could work it out, they decided not to and went their separate ways.

Although I moved back to Scotland and she was in London, I was down in London once every month with work for a few days and I stayed with her.  After the meeting finished, we would tear away to get home and changed and go out for a meal and spend some real quality time with each other. There may have been five hundred miles between us, but we spoke to each other every day and every night on the phone.

Marysia then decided to buy herself a flat which she was in the process of at the time of her murder.

She had everything to live for, age 26, stunningly beautiful, a fantastic personality, great fun to be with, a beautiful figure, a fantastic job (she would most probably have been made the next director within a short space of time within the company.)


Marysia loved the beautiful things in life, had a very loving and supportive mother and sister, her one and only nephew which she adored, dining out in the best restaurants in London, great friends, only ever wearing designer clothes, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci and Prada were her favourites, even all her work suits were by these designers.  She drove a beautiful top of the range Audi TT Roadster Convertible and was buying a flat at £265,000 in London.

Although we both worked for the same company, we had a long term plan that we would have our own business together, she was going to open a Designer Clothes Shop and adjoining it would be my Nail Bar/Beauty Salon.  That way, once we got the businesses up and running we would both be our own boss and be able to take time out to have kids at the same time.

Since I have lost Marysia my life has turned upside down.  Initially with the stress of it all, I had over a year off work, I did try on several occassions to go back, but each time it was far too stressful for me.  In the end, I had to leave.  

I fell pregnant with my daughter, Zaria Marysia Babat,  born 18.3.03 and now also have another son, born 1.3.04, Jaiden Seran Babat.

When Marysia was murdered in that fire, a very large part of me was murdered with her too.

She has a new neice and nephew that wont ever see her or have her be a part of her life, but I will always tell them about her and never let them forget.  I miss her so much.

Tribute by Marysia's Aunt Cathy, read by Cathy at Marysia's memorial mass 17/1/02  

Below is a resume written by Marysia's Aunt Cathy, which may give a clearer outline of Marysia’s character:

I would like to thank everyone for attending this special Memorial Mass for Marysia Lewis.  She was baptised, made her First Holy Communion, Confirmed and married in the same Parish.

This Mass will give family, friends and all who knew Marysia the chance to say goodbye, as her funeral service was held in Donegal, Ireland on 30 December.  Marysia’s final resting place is near her mother.

Marysia was born with the help from Dr Agnew and Professor Donald.  Marysia was a gift from God, but sadly only on loan.

Marysia was a very shy baby and blossomed into an active and intelligent toddler.

Marysia’s school days were shared with her cousin Thomas in study, sport and social events.

Marysia was a very successful businesswoman and held in very high esteem.  Designer clothes, cars and lifestyle some only dream of.  Confident, yet shy, the love she had and shared was warm, mystical and passionate which held an inner depth.

Marysia’s smile illuminated her beautiful face but it also touched your heart as it made you feel warm and special.

Marysia was a beautiful 26-year-old woman who was tragically taken from us.  Marysia’s mother, her sister Michelle, Devran her only nephew, and all who knew Marysia are so very deeply saddened by her death.

I would like to thank the Rev. Father Sweeney for holding this special Mass for Marysia.  Also all Priests and Nuns for their Masses and Prayers throughout the United Kingdom.

To all the family, close friends, Marysia’s Directors and staff, who managed to attend the funeral - it was a great comfort to Marysia’s Mother and family.

Please keep Mary her mother, her sister Michelle, who has been her mother’s strength, Devran and all who knew Marysia, in your prayers.  As we know, the power of Prayer is so great; it will ease the heartache and pain.

Keep those families who have had their children’s lives shortened in your prayers also.


Marysias story, by a piece written by mum in 2003  

On Wednesday 8 October at 10.00 o’clock, my daughter Marysia was born via caesarean section.  She weighed 7lb 0oz and was in perfect health.

In 1978, Marysia enrolled in the local Nursery school; Michelle in Primary school and I went to work as a Landscape Gardener with a well-known Garden Centre.  I was then promoted to Manager.  We managed financially, and I was very fortunate to have my family live locally, who helped look after the girls throughout the week

At weekends we were all together and here we managed to explore activities such as parks, swimming, bike rides, dance classes, etc.

Marysia started Primary school and Michelle High School.  Both girls were very active during their early years at school, including gymnastics, netball, ice-skating, tennis, etc.  Marysia proved to be an all-round sports person, and was always eager to show her talents.  We went to events on a regular basis, sharing her joy and triumph.

Michelle, now a young woman, took on the role as part-time mother to Marysia, as I had begun to work for myself and had to put in extra time.  The girls had an immensely strong relationship, and were almost inseparable, as friends as well as sisters. 

Marysia left home and attended College in Aberdeen, some 200 miles away. She worked part-time at weekends to help pay towards her accommodation, clothing and general living expenses. Michelle and I visited Marysia as often as possible at weekends, and we all three dined out together and never separated on these special visits.

When Marysia came home on summer holidays, or at end of term time, she would work with Michelle and me in the family business. 

Marysia started work with a Travel company in Aberdeen and remained there for one year, coming home whenever possible.

In 1995 Marysia and a long time friend decided to move to London to seek pastures new. Marysia started with another Travel company and received an award for being the Highest Achiever ever in the company.

She then joined a Recruitment Agency  in 1996 as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. During this time she met and married her husband, Daniel Lewis. They both decided to marry in Scotland, 20/9/1997, which was a delightful celebration, enjoyed by family and friends.

Michelle was the Best Maid, as the girls had decided upon this a long time ago, and it was Marysia’s request that I, her Mother, walk her down the aisle, which was a special privilege for me to carry out.

They both worked long and hard but enjoyed their lives to the full in London. Marysia was promoted continuously in her work, as she was a dedicated worker and recommended to the company, that her sister Michelle join the company. The company took Marysia’s advice and Michelle joined in 1997.

Both Michelle and Marysia lived within travelling distance to each other in London in order that they could visit. Marysia only had one nephew, Devran, Michelle’s son, whom she adored, and would often have Devran stay over for the weekend. They would all come home to Scotland at regular intervals, to visit me and the rest of my family.

Unfortunately, I had become unwell with Stones in the Kidney and was therefore unable to continue working. I decided to sell up and move to Ireland - the birthplace of my parents and grandparents. The move took place on 4 July 1998.

I managed to buy house in Ireland but it required a great deal of renovation work. I had plans to open part of the house a small Bed & Breakfast. The girls were delighted with my decision and they both decided to pay the mortgage. This arrangement worked well and we were all happy. The girls visited Ireland or I visited them both in London.

Sadly, due to the pressures of work, long hours and a full scale social calendar, Marysia and Daniel’s marriage came under a great deal of stress, and sadly, they split up. This news was devastating to all of us - but especially Marysia.

Fortunately, since Michelle and Marysia lived nearby each other, Michelle was there to comfort and console Marysia.

Both Marysia and Daniel sought counselling and tried hard to bring their marriage back to what it was, this was not to be, and they decided to separate and seek a divorce.

Marysia completely ‘lost’ herself in her work, got herself a personal trainer, and after much discussions and disagreements from Michelle and I, we finally got her a Shih Tzu pup....she called her Gucci, and after 6 months...I ended up with the pup in Ireland (we knew this would happen!!).  Gucci has successfully now had 4 litters of pups, and only in Feb 06, one of the pups we sold went on to get a 'first' in her class at Crufts...we are so proud...

Marysia, Michelle, her husband Yilmaz and son Devran, were all coming to spend Christmas in Ireland with me. When Marysia’s boyfriend Jason learned of her trip to Ireland, he invited Marysia to Paris for the weekend, where the tradgedy happened..

 Much to my horror and dismay, that when I visited Paris I was completely shocked to see that my daughter had stayed in such a poor class, rundown hotel, as in all previous years of her life she had never stayed anywhere so dilapidated as I visited in Paris.

I cannot understand to this day why my daughter stayed in such a place. She dined in top class restaurants, and did so even on this occasion, as we got the receipts with her belongings.

All of Marysia’s life had to be nothing but the best - Major Designer Labelled Clothes, Luxury Flat in Kensington, London, Top of the range Audi TT Car, etc.

My relationship with Marysia was one that she never wanted me to want for anything and I believe that she constantly tried to repay me for having brought her and her sister up on my own, to the best of my ability, with no financial help ever from her father.

I had to return to Scotland to live, due to my own health problems. My daughter Michelle could no longer work, due to depression after the sad, sad loss of her sister, Marysia.

I now travel back and forth to Ireland, health permitting, to visit the grave of my youngest daughter, Marysia.




It was a sudden parting.

Too bitter to forget.

Those who loved her dearly

are the one’s who can’t forget.

We often sit and think of her

And think of how she died

To think we could not say goodbye.

Before she closed her eyes.

Her life was one of kindly deed

A helping had for others needs

Sincere and true in heart and mind

Beautiful memories left behind

The blow was hard, the shock severe,

To part with one we loved so dear,

Our loss is great, we’ll not complain

But Trust in God, we’ll meet again

Two tired eyes are sleeping,

Two willing hands are still,

The one who worked so hard for us,

Is resting at God’s will.

Our family chain is broken,

Nothing seems the same,

But as God calls us one by one,

The links shall join again.

I would like to thank all my family and friends who were there for me, Yilmaz and the kids since Marysia and Mum passed away.  The things people done to help, no matter how big or small...the phone calls to discuss 'the price of bread' or whatever, just to let me know they were there for me...these times will never be forgotten

I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to this site, or visited to spend a moment in 'private' here.

There has been quite a few messages from strangers to the family, these are my friends I have met though, they hardly know me,and most havent even met me,  but took the time to visit this site or light a candle.. thanks to all of

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